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We are a global Christian organization partnering with indigenous peoples to make disciples and end poverty.

Here's our model:

Here's is our model.

  • PIPES recruits cross‐cultural missionaries and trains them to undertake integral ministry. Key among our strategy is to mentor young people to undertake missions trips and to share God's love around the world. 

    The greatest seed we can plant is God's word and the greatest hope we can give is the hope of eternal life.

  • PIPES Responds to COVID-19. 

    1. Installed hand-washing stations in strategic places, and provided soap, sanitizers, facemasks, and more!

    2. Provided emergency food and medical care to children and families.

    3. Hygiene promotion to communities through our staff and partners in the field.

  • Education is a powerful  of empowerment.  The DR Congo school established in 2011 has educated thousands of children who had no opportunity to access education.  

    Training locals has also empowered leaders to take ownership of projects to ensure sustainable development.

We are living in an uncertain time as the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. Many people are sick and families are grieving the loss of their loved ones.


People have lost jobs, closed businesses, and the lockdown in many countries continues to hit hard on families.


PIPES is concerned for all the people and especially those living in poverty, the vulnerable, and those affected financially. Please know we are praying for you in this time of great crisis. We are also responding by providing healthcare supplies and food to the most vulnerable communities. 


Our commitment is always among the most vulnerable and needy communities, like the pygmies of Africa. We respond while following the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control to ensure the safety of our staff and partners.


Africa is facing extreme hunger.

In the last few months, locusts invaded many parts of Africa. Today, the locusts are still destroying crops, although the focus has now shifted to COVID-19. Families are now facing extreme hunger in this time of lockdown in many parts. Thousands of children face starvation and death in the coming weeks and months. Your gift today will help feed children and families in DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya.




Your gift today to PIPES International will support the indigenous people groups and other vulnerable communities with emergency good and medical care. 


Your gift will immediately provide:

1. Hand-washing stations in strategic places, soap, sanitizers, facemasks, and more!

2. Emergency food and medical care to children and families.

3. Hygiene promotion to communities through our field teams and partners.

Today, you can join the fight against COVID-19!

PIPES Respond to Covid-19







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