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The Need

Education is vital to a thriving society.  It’s important to educate our children, no matter where they live, for they will grow to become responsible citizens of their society. Each child represents a future, the future of the community, of the country, and indeed the future of the whole world.

PIPES International is motivated by God’s love to provide opportunity and hope to the poor, oppressed, and marginalized communities in the most remote areas of the world. Our faith motivates us to respond to these needs.
We have a school in a little town near Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo that has over 600 children. 

Similarly, in Mugunga village near Goma hundreds of school going children had no access to school due to lack of finances. This need inspired Pastor Samuel to establish HOPE Academy in Mugunga-Congo, a school that provides free education for Pygmy children, orphaned children and other vulnerable children. PIPES International  believes in Changing lives, one child at a time, one community at a time.  
We have expanded our education outreach to Rwanda and Kenya helping with school fees and school supplies to orphaned and vulnerable children. 


The Story Unfolds..

As PIPES team made extensive visits to the North and South Kivu, it became clear that the most practical need was to work with local communities to empower them and increase their capacity to deal with challenging issues facing them. 
One of the most exciting projects is the School/Education Program targeting mainly the pygmies and other vulnerable children. In the hopes of addressing the need for an educational we have started a school in Goma and partner with another school in Idjwi Island.  The school run by locals is supported by PIPES International.  The long term goal is to make the school self sustaining by empowering parents economically to support their own project. 

The Solution- Our New School in DR Congo

Samuel Mwangi has worked with communities in Congo since 2003.  In his book, The Pygmy World: The Endagered Bambuti of Congo, he recalls that during his first visit to Idjwi, only a handful of children were attending school due to lack of school fees. Although school fees was only $2.00/month, it was high priced for majority of the pygmies families.
Pygmy children living in the mountains of Kaboneke would take 4 hours to attend the nearest affordable school which charged tuition of $1 a month.  This distance was prohibitive to attending school. 


During the July 2014 Mission trip to Africa, the team from United States ministered to hundreds of families and children in DR Congo and Kenya.  The team also built a school in Mugunga village near Goma town. The school has over 600 students who learn and receive regular meals at school..The school has continued to expand due to the need for basic education in Goma, therefore, a High School was built in August 2015. Today, the high school has over 60 students, and four teachers. 

With tens of pygmies and orphaned children enrolled in these two schools, this project has been a breakthrough for this community and a great starting point for the things to come.

Now for the first time, the pygmies can attend school within their community, learn and participate in the classroom setting just like every other child. From our observation, the little pygmies appreciate the presence  of a teacher, which makes a whole difference in their learning experience.

The completed school project

The Growth Continues...

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