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Education & Mentorship

Education is vital to a thriving society.  It’s important to educate our children, no matter where they live, for they will grow to become responsible citizens of their society....


Disaster management

We are living in an uncertain time as the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. Families are grieving, and many individuals are sick. People have lost jobs, closed businesses, and the lockdown in many countries continues to hit hard on families.


Water & Health awareness (Hygiene & Sanitation)

One of PIPES priority areas is to assist communities access clean water, promote hygiene and proper sanitation. 

We have teams that train locals once a week on hygiene and sanitation..

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Agriculture & Economic Development

In East and Central Africa, PIPES provides training for farmers, tools, and supplies to enable farmers grow healthier foods and add value to their produce...


Mission & Discipleship

Over the past nine years, PIPES teams have ministered the gospel in over twenty countries. We have provided God's word in local languages.