PIPES International is committed to giving hope to indigenous people groups and developing sustainable communities.  One main focus group is the Bambuti pygmies in East and Central Africa.

The Bambuti tribe of Congo, commonly referred to as pygmy community is the earliest ancient settlers in this expansive country. In the past, the pygmies lived predominantly in the forest where their livelihood was based on hunting and gathering from the forest resources. The forest provided all the necessities and was their home for years.

The government evicted this community from the forest and they became homeless and beggars. 

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Since then survival has been a daily battle for the Bambuti pygmies against the backdrop of diseases, militia wars, rape and insecurity witnessed in this vast and mineral rich country which has been hit by recurring cycles of violence. The pygmy condition is truly atrocious. This has caused households to break up, families to scatter, more deaths due to exposure to cold, lack of food and medication.  

Despite the gloomy outlook in the Congo Bambuti slums in Congo, we believe that offering opportunities and hope is an effective way to engage the endangered families and help them come out of the vicious abject poverty cycle.