PIPES leadership team consists of highly dedicated men and women of God from a diverse background of cultural origins.

Organizational Leadership

Pastor Samuel Mwangi
Founder & Executive Director
Stuart Isaac Harrier
Marketing & Communications Director
Pastor Isaac Maina
Programs Director;  Africa
Pastor Kambale Bernard
Programs Coordinator; DR Congo
Pastor Victor Sirdar
Programs Director; Asia
Jane Kamuya
Programs Coordinator; Maasai Community

Board of Directors

Pastor Samuel Mwangi
Founder & President
Durrell Smith
Vice-Chair, PIPES Board
Bernard Muiruri Wamarema
Treasurer, PIPES Board
Esther Mwangi
Co-Founder, Women's Ministries Director
Ramona Conrad Cooper
Board of Directors
Stuart Isaac Harrier
Marketing & Communications Director
Pastor Gene Hall
Church Partnerships Director

Our Dear Jean

Jean and Gurry.jpg


Co-founders, Board Chair (2011-2017)

Gurry and Jean Chappel are co-founders of PIPES International. Samuel, the founder first met Gurry in June 2021 and later Jean in October 2021.

Jean Chappel was very passionate about children. At the age of 14, she worked with children in Vacation Bible School to help children understand the Bible.  Throughout her life she worked with children in different states.  

Jean went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she graduated with a degree in Biology with a minor in math and education.  She first worked as a researcher in the University of North Dakota and later had different jobs until she moved to St. Louis where she worked in the old Jewish Hospital and later joined the Washington University lab where she retired from in December 2014 after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  

In Jean’s own words
“My passion it to teach little ones about Jesus.  The thought of a child starving makes me very upset.  After reading Samuel’s book about the plight of the Bambuti Pygmy peoples, I just had to get involved.  My bible study group took up the project of raising money to help with this cause.  The first thing, of course, that we did was to pray.  I believe God has blessed this effort beyond our wildest dreams.  All I can do is to praise God.”

Jean went to be with the Lord in March 2017 and Gurry in September 2021.



From left: Connie, Samuel, Esther, Ben, Cathy, Jean & Gurry

New board members not in the picture: Durell Smith, Sandy Whalen, and Stuart Harrier