Our History

It All Started With God putting a burden in One Man.

It all started when Samuel Mwangi visited Goma town in the eastern DR Congo in 2003, where he saw hopelessness and misery among the locals. Samuel had traveled from Nairobi, Kenya, to Goma city in DRC for a leaders’ conference aimed to bring healing to the war-torn country. It was during this mission that Samuel inquired about the pygmies who lived in the forests. Initially, his questions were rooted in the curiosity of wanting to see the short Bambuti pygmies.



A year later, in August 2004, Samuel witnessed real devastation and misery when he came face to face with the Bambuti pygmies in the Congo forests. Traveling through the jungle was a nightmare, but his determination could not stop him. During this trip, Samuel listened to the Bambuti children who had never been to school, older men who had never changed their clothes, and women who had been raped by the militia groups in the forests.



What Samuel thought would be a fun adventure turned out to be a tearful day. He sobbed to see families worship Tore, a forest god whom pygmies believed supplied animals to hunters. He felt desperate to see the children dying due to malaria and cold and hopeless men who could not provide for their families.


Inspired, Samuel returned several times to DRC, where she shared the gospel of Jesus Christ, donated clothes and food to dying families. In 2008, Samuel published a book, “The Pygmy World: The Endangered Bambuti of Congo,” based on the plight of the pygmy communities in DR Congo.



Samuel later traveled to the United States, where friends helped him to build a school in Congo to help the pygmies, orphans, and vulnerable children access education. 

 Samuel, together with his wife, Esther and Jean Chapel, Samuel founded PIPES International in 2011. Since then, PIPES continues to make disciples of Jesus Christ and fight poverty in Africa and Asia. 







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