School Uniform

Primary or Secondary School / $12

School uniforms are mandatory in East Africa and many parts of the world. This simple gift gives a student a sense of pride in their studies and a sense of belonging to their school families.

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One Hardback Bible / $10

A primary mission objective of PIPES International is to get the word of God into the hands of every person we encounter. Every time PIPES goes on mission, hundreds of Bibles are brought along
to distribute.


Single Acre Harvest / $50

Providing seeds for the Pygmies enables them to start self-sustaining farms, and our team members will educate each family in modern farming methods, in accordance with government regulations.

Soccer Ball

Standard Ball with Air Pump / $15

A soccer ball is a gift that brings joy to children of all ages for hours on end. This simple gift brings light to a childs eyes like few other things.


Male & Female Rabbit with Hand Built Hutch / $50

PIPES is equipping Pygmy families in Africa with a family of rabbits and a hutch with which they can raise many more. This provides a wonderful source of income and sustenance.


One Months Supply / $50

For the families that are still learning to become self-sustaining, food is still a desparate need. Malnutrition is a serious issue among those in poverty.

First Aid

General Medical Relief / $75

There are numerous sicknesses and ailments that plague a village in poverty. From parasitical infestation to malaria, medical needs are high. A gift of $75 will provide medical relief for a number of issues.

Pastoral Support

One Months Support / $50

PIPES supports village pastors and missionaries in the DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, and Pakistan on a monthly basis. Supporting local church pastors accelerates the preaching of the Gospel.



One Semester of College / $250

The gift of education is not something a young person in developing and underdeveloped nations will take for granted. This gift will help pay for a student's semester in university.

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Sewing Machine

One Sewing Machine with Supplies / $130

In recent months, the Pygmy women of Rwanda have requested help from PIPES to obtain sewing machines so they can begin starting their own businesses as a source of revenue. This is a significant development and one in which we are proud to add to the gift catalog.

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Brick House

Two Bedroom Brick Shelter / $900

Giving the gift of shelter is one of the most life-changing gifts anyone could receive. For a family struck by poverty, this gift is

priceless. It means safety, it means family, it means HOME.

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Missionary Sponsorship

Help Pave the Way for a Missionary's Journey / $500

All missionaries rely on the donations and the support of others to carry out the work the Lord has called them to do. Every time PIPES goes on mission, many missionaries join our team. You can help pay for their trip by giving a scholarship of any amount.