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Change One Life Program

"Change One Life Program" - Kenya

After watching many children drop out of school due to lack of school fees, school supplies and hunger, PIPES International embarked on a program to change lives through access to quality education. 

We partner with schools in Kenya and sponsor orphaned and vulnerable children.  We believe that through this program we are creating lasting solution in the lives and children and families in Africa. 

A Cry in the Bush

Moses was a few days old when his mother abandoned him in a bush. A stranger, attracted by a suspicious cry discovered a lifeless boy and screamed for help. After frantic efforts, Moses ended up in a children's home and his health stabilized in a few weeks. The management of the home named him after biblical Moses and also took the last name of Kenyan president then, Mwai Kibaki.


Some time ago, I was informed of an orphaned boy who needed help with education. Our Kenyan team responded and registered Moses in a private school. On my birthday, January 9, 2019, I went to see Moses and was overjoyed to see a happy and hopeful boy. Today, Moses is the top performing student in his class.

Like many of our sponsored children, the story of Moses demonstrates the life-changing impact of our Child Sponsorship Program. I was

equally overjoyed to meet Mary, whom is sponsored by PIPES International. Mary lost her single mom when she was two years old.

Together with her two brothers (Brian and Joseph), they were also taken to the orphanage.

Moses, Pst Sam & Mary - 2019

Poverty can rob children of their God-given potential and dignity. Today, you have the power to change the story for even more orphans who live in poverty by giving to PIPES, sharing our story in your church or with your friends.


Narrated By Samuel Mwangi