Families Transformed, one at a time

Solving problems that are facing our world today seems impossible due to the overwhelming needs. Developing nations are faced with chronic hunger and, millions of children globally are not getting an education, due to war, famine, and other factors.


However, together, we can make an impact on one family at a time. In March 2019, PIPES International launched the Family Transformation Program among indigenous people in Rwanda & Burundi. This was an addition to the programs in DR Congo. The program facilitates the sharing of the gospel, provision of audio & print Bibles, as well as improving sanitation, better farming methods, and access to education for orphans and vulnerable children. In early 2020, we launched the Family Transformation Program in Kenya and Pakistan.


Support for the Family Transformation Program goes towards:

  • Mission & Discipleship (Spiritual growth)

  • Training and leadership development

  • Accessing to quality education.

  • Provision of clean water

  • Providing gifts of livestock.

  • Women Empowerment Program

  • Disaster Management



Provide an opportunity for spiritual growth by providing audio Bibles, print Bibles, access to Jesus film and supporting local pastors through training on discipleship, sharing.



Access to quality education to children who long for a better future



Provide clean water to children and families in impoverished areas. Teach families on hygiene and sanitation to improve health outcomes. 



Training on good agriculture practices to farmers, provide vocational training (sewing, carpentry, and welding)  and help establish small businesses.



We respond to disaster to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable people. We  help with emergency food, healthcare, school supplies to those affected by natural disasters. 

Your support will empower an entire community to rise out of poverty and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord. 


Please help PIPES International give needed tools and skills to hundreds of families in selected villages as we continue to demonstrate God's love and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


By partnering with PIPES International's  One Family Transformed program, you have an opportunity to walk alongside families in an impoverished village.

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